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Spindle of SKF bearing requirements
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On the machine tool bearings, SKF bearing application is very extensive.Machine tool spindle of SKF bearing has certain technical requirements.The following analysis is introduced for you

1. The rotation speed and temperature

With the development of science and technology, machine tool spindle speed is more and more high, speed range is more and more big, therefore, is becoming more and more high to the requirement of bearing high speed stability.The temperature rise of the machine tool spindle bearing is an important factor to limit bearing rotating speed.Normally, correct selection of bearing types and tolerance grade, the configuration way, clearance (load), lubricants and lubrication method, such as size, can to a certain extent, improve the high speed performance of rolling bearings.

2. Life and carrying capacity

For general machine tools, the life of the spindle components is mainly refers to the use of the term to keep the spindle precision, thus, the precision of the bearing is asked to keep the performance to meet the requirements of the spindle component life.For heavy duty machine tools or strong cutting machine, should first consider the bearing capacity.

3. The stiffness and vibration resistance

To ensure the processing quality of machine tool, it is necessary to make the main shaft system has enough rigidity, otherwise it will produce a larger rerun error even flutter.Vibration resistance is refers to the resistance of forced vibration and self-excited vibration.Spindle component vibration resistance depends on the stiffness and damping of the shaft and bearing.The preloaded roller bearing can effectively improve the stiffness of the spindle system.

4. The noise

In high speed grinding machine, grinding head bearing noise is the main component of the whole machine noise, should choose low noise rolling bearing.

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