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NSK bearing inspection and acceptance of the method
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Check the NSK bearings, the user must have the following knowledge:

NSK bearings (1) the commodity inspection according to which standard;

NSK bearings (2) the commodity inspection what project, why do you want to test these projects;

NSK bearings (3) the goods before the quality inspection, you need to do what preparation work, why want to do these preparations;

NSK bearings (4) all inspection items of the goods is under what conditions, with what method, what kind of instrument for inspection, inspection results must be within the scope of what kind of tolerance in order to be qualified;

NSK bearings (5) the goods volume is very big, sometimes can't be one hundred percent inspection, it should adopt what kind of sampling plan, sampling quantity for inspection, can more fully and reliable enough to represent the quality of all goods bearing, and the results of the inspection according to any standard to measure, to determine this batch of goods is qualified batch shall be accepted or unqualified batch shall be rejected.

NSK bearings acceptance inspection is usually divided into three categories, namely:

NSK bearings routine check - the arrival of the goods when general inspection routine.

Regular check - NSK bearings for dimensional accuracy related to the assembly, rotating accuracy, bearing clearance and the residual magnetic intensity of bearing inspection project.

Special inspection - NSK bearings for the vibration of the quality and noise quality inspection and other special requirements for bearings.

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